5 original gifts for a successful crypto-Christmas

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With Christmas just around the corner, the „what’s bitcoigne“ season will soon be open. For this occasion, we have selected 5 cryptos gifts that might please your loved ones, whether they are novices or initiated.

Bitcoin Metamorphoses
We open the ball with the timeless „Bitcoin Metamorphoses“. Released in 2018, this book is still relevant today. It retraces the evolution of Bitcoin as well as the value propositions that the protocol brings.

An ideal gift for your uncle relou, the one who, year after year, never stops talking about Bitcoin without knowing anything about it. At least next year, he will know a minimum of what it’s all about.


Price : 19 €.

Unicorn Wear
We all have this friend who never stops talking about crypto. If you don’t see which one it is, maybe it’s because it’s you.

What better way to spend Christmas than to give him textiles in the colours of his favourite crypto (of course, Bitcoin) with Unicorn Wear. T-shirt or cap, the choice is yours!


Price: from €29

Digital art (NFT)
The NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have been the talk of the town this year. Even if it is not said that you can buy works for $101,000, digital works are still a great gift for crypto enthusiasts.


You may find the work of your dreams on the SuperRare, Rarible or MakersPlace platforms.

Price: from €20

Ledger Nano X
You gave precious BTC to your grandmother last year, but not sure she remembers her private key.

Christmas might be the perfect time to buy her a Nano X Ledger and make sure she never loses her cryptos!


Of course, if she doesn’t have a smartphone, the Ledger Nano S will do just as well.

Nano X Ledger
Price: 119 €.

From crypto-cash
The envelope with a 20 euro note for Christmas is so 2008. It’s 2020, and we’ll have to catch up. For that, nothing better than offering cryptomonnages.

A few bitcoins or ethers will delight the hearts of those who receive them. Whether it’s your crypto-skeptical uncle or your little cousin to whom you promise (without really knowing) that it will make him rich, the whole family will appreciate a few precious satoshis.


For that, it’s up to you, because the choice in France is consequent: whether it’s with the historical Digycode or with the bitcoin savings expert StackinSat, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for!

That’s it! You are ready for Christmas. Now you can spoil your loved ones with gifts that are 100% encrypted.